While pursuing my various research projects throughout my academic career, I have also uncovered a deep passion for teaching. Interacting with undergraduate students, both in the classroom and in one-on-one mentoring, has been a highly rewarding experience and is an aspect that will continue to be at the forefront of my career. There's really nothing better than witnessing a student have an "A-ha!" moment, especially if I somehow played a part in getting them there.

The courses I have taught include:
        Sensation & Perception (at Cal Poly)
        Research Methods in Psychology (at Cal Poly)
        Human Learning & Cognition Laboratory
        Cognitive Processes

I have also given numerous guest lectures for courses like Cognitive Psychology and Biopsychology and have been a teaching assistant for Introduction to Psychology. Additionally, the individualized mentoring experiences that I've had the privilege of enjoying have been a great way to develop closer relationships with students and really be an integral part of their intellectual and personal growth. 

For more information on my teaching and mentoring, feel free to contact me for my teaching portfolio.